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June 2024

Each Gift Makes a Difference

Dear Rev Golden,

I’m a member of the Springfield Church of the Brethren. At age 94 I no longer get to Springfield but attend chapel services here at Peter Becker Community at Harleysville. I appreciate receiving the mailings of Vine Ministry. I pray daily for the serious problems that Haiti faces. I’m not rich but I hope my small gift will at least give encouragement to the Christians in Haiti. Thank you for heading the Vine Ministry. 

In Christian fellowship, Molly

Thank you Molly for those kind words which moved me to ask her permission to share her note. All of you, in your gifts, do indeed encourage the Christians in Haiti. Your faithful generous support over 40 years has made a difference in the lives of countless individuals. God Bless you Molly and all who seek to be the “difference” for someone else!!

“Seeing” the Difference

Exinor Marc Napoléon is borned  December 7th,1960. He is living in Street Anthenor, Bizoton 23, Haiti. The message below is what he reported:

"Situations are complicated. We are always under stress. We always have in our minds that gangsters can at any time request us to leave our home or can attack us. We hear gunshots every single day. Mornings, afternoon and evening  we have to live, have to follow the gangsters rules because they are in charge. All groups of the population are facing this reality. Economically things are so hard, we are living one day at a time." 

"I can't see well what is happening around me but I can feel it and I can hear it, that makes it even harder. I am devastated by my country’s situation and by the progressive loss of my sight from advanced glaucoma. Thank you for supporting me, God takes good note." (used by permission, thank you Dr. Mirhioll)

A Big Thank You to another Vine Ministry long-time supporter, Nora, for providing eye drops to Marc for many years. Medicine is scarce and costly in Haiti, but what a difference is being made in one life!! And we can all share in making a difference in one life.

Making a Difference

Your gifts to the Temporary Food Support Program have made a great difference in the lives of those receiving grants of funds. Please make sure to watch Pastor Daniel in the recent video share how the food program helps. 

A Church Visit would make a difference by helping us to spread the word of Jesus and His work in Haiti through the Vine Church. I am available to go anywhere in the U.S. to preach or share a mission presentation. Just contact me!!

Student Support is ramping up as we seek those who would sponsor a child/young adult in school. You can sign up online using the link below. Each student means a life impacted not only by education but by the Gospel, as the Vine Church ministers to them. 

God bless you as you make a prayerful decision,

Thank you and God bless,

Rev Greg Golden, Executive Director     
412-965-5505  |
P.O. Box 1435 Indiana, PA 15701-5435

Evelyn Dick, Founder

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