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Food Project 2020

Usually by now we are finalizing plans to make our trip to Haiti. But due to so many factors this is not happening this year. Between increased violence, COVID 19 and lack of commercial flights to Haiti the appropriate decision is to stay home. Our hearts still reach out to Pastor Daniel and the congregation of Vine Church. This week I received a letter from Pastor Daniel. This is some of what he shared.

“The economy is still a shamble. More and more people are living in poverty and in need of food. The government is so fractured democracy does not seem to exist. Their president and his staff are the only ones who rule.

The church continues to stay strong. Vine Church is now meeting together in two services. It is such a blessing to see each other after the long time being separated. They do continue to provide services on line through Facebook Live

Many have participated in this. In fact, friends of Vine Church living in the United States login to watch. This has increased Vine Church outreach in ways that have not been thought possible in times past.

Two weeks every summer, Pastor Daniel travels to Grand Rapids, MI for work on the Bible Translation project. This year he could not make that trip. Through the technology of the internet they were able to work together on 35 chapters of Isaiah. Praise God for this! He has asked us to please pray for strength to continue to work on this vital project of bringing God’s Word to Haiti in their own language.

The World Wide Walk for Haiti is in the last stretch. We still need $5,384 to keep the clinic open for the rest of the year. If you would like to participate, go to

Thank you to those of you who have sponsored students for this next school year. Because there have been many delays and disruptions, the current school year will end sometime in August. School this year will have a late start beginning sometime in the fall. We desire to be ready when the time arises. 64% of the students have sponsors. The rest are still waiting for someone to cover the cost of their schooling. If you would like to help any of these kids, please send your support to us or let us know you will be supporting monthly so we can make a commitment to them for the upcoming school year. Since families are still struggling economically, we would like to offer them food assistance when they are registered for school. This will be like what we did earlier this summer.

Since we are not personally going to be in Haiti, we are looking for someone who already lives in Haiti to help us. Please pray with us to work out the details of this project.

We are very grateful for each and every one of you who are standing together with these families of Haiti. Your support in prayer and finances is felt by each one.

May the Lord greatly bless you,

James Dick                          574-534-8325    

Evelyn Dick                         229-291-3480    

July General Fund budget was met 47%.