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JUNE 2022

Vine Church 30-year Celebration

During the last 30 years, Haiti has faced many natural calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, storms as well as political unrest. In 1990, the Duvalier regime fell, and Aristide became the first democratically elected president of Haiti. He lasted seven months in office. It was during these turbulent years that Vine Church grew bringing hope and redemption to the people of Port-au-Prince.

In 1992, Vine Church began meeting in a little store front location with a handful of families. Today, this same church is ministering to 400 – 500 people on a Sunday morning. If we include the five satellite churches, their influence reaches to 1,000. We thank God for this growth. It speaks directly to the diligent leadership and fathering of Pastor Joel and Pastor Daniel who have worked tirelessly over these years.

It is with great thankfulness for what the Lord has done through our friends in Haiti, that we want to celebrate with them their 30-year anniversary. It is our privilege to honor them for their faithfulness and to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

Pastor Greg Golden (Board Chairman), Pastor Joel St Amour, and Pastor Daniel Telfort and I met together over ZOOM. We talked about the growth of Vine Church, especially, the five satellite churches. As in any small community in Haiti, the needs are great for these people. It was encouraging to know that Pastor Joel and Pastor Daniel have long standing relationships with the pastors of these churches. They grew up with some of them, attending the same churches, or were taught by Pastor Joel or Pastor Daniel at the seminary. These are men of great character and have Pastor Joel and Pastor Daniel’s continual mentorship.

With such great needs, how do we help? As we talked, it became clear.

1. Each church needs help with their meeting place to strengthen their buildings in order to withstand the tropical weather. (Open funding need)

2. Pastor Jean Rubert Victor needs a motorcycle for transportation. He walks the long distance by foot to his church. ($2,500)

3. The church at Ouanaminthe attempted to start a school for their children but had to stop due to finances. (Open funding need)

4.  A pastor’s heart could be sensed as Pastor Joel, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Greg shared of the need for training and encouragement of the leaders of these churches. Bringing them together at least once a year for a retreat is exactly what any young leader needs. The effects of training, praying together, and fellowship will be felt as ripple effects throughout their communities. We are most excited about this possibility. (Open funding need)

5. Pastor Joel and Pastor Daniel presented to us an idea that would bless in ways we had not thought. Four of these churches are in agricultural areas. The families grow small crops to feed themselves and sell in the market. If we could provide, to each of these four churches, a pair of oxen and a plow, they could better prepare their fields and grow better crops. Right now, they use a hoe to till the land. It is slow and back breaking work. The oxen will be cared for and shared among the families. This act of Christian community will be a testimony to their neighbors of Christians taking care of each other and working together. Testimonies likes this to the surrounding community are priceless. To do this for a church is $3,000 for a pair of oxen and plow. ($12,000)

Vine Ministry’s Goal for the 30-Year Celebration is $30,000.

We are putting together this blessing for Vine Church to be able to help their new satellite churches. They will not be able to meet all the pressing needs, but they will be able to give hope, love and encouragement that is desperately needed in these times in Haiti. We have designated the first priority to provide Oxen and Plows for the four agricultural communities.

Ear mark your gift: 30-Year Celebration


It's time to support children for school. Our goal this year is to send 240 to school.

With so much instability in Haiti, education will help provide a better future. Pastor Telfort says, "outside of salvation, education is the one thing that will prepare these children for the years ahead". If you have not supported a student before, please consider doing so this year.

Please follow the link and indicate your commitment for this coming school year before August 1, 2022.

The cost remains the same $30/month or $360/year for each child.

Support Students Here

James and Jo Dick              574-534-8325    

Evelyn Dick                         229-291-3480    


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