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APRIL 2022

A Look Back to 1992

This year marks 30 years that Vine Church of Haiti – Eglise Evangelique Baptiste de la Vigne has been in existence. In 1992, Pastor LeRoy Dick, the co-founder of Vine Ministry, reported that the ministry had rented a store front building so the church members could meet under one roof. It required a contract for five years with six months advance rent.

Even then the dream was to build a building and grow a thriving congregation. In those early days, there were 60 people who met together in worship and praise to God. That dream has come to pass. In 2011, the new building was dedicated. The Gospel continues to be spread and the outreach of this congregation continues to grow. Today there are five other satellite churches connected through Vine Church.

This July, Vine Church will be celebrating their 30th birthday. Please pray as they plan for this monumental event.

One of the greatest needs in Haiti is electricity. We assume electricity will always be available, but in Haiti it is a gift.

Over this past two years, Pastor Telfort and his family were forced to move from their home. They are now living in a much safer place father up into the mountains. We have often stayed in this area on our trips to Haiti. The higher elevation makes the air cooler by about 10 degrees compared to downtown Port-au-Prince. The clouds roll in covering the area with a mist in the mornings. With the trees surrounding the area and the cloud cover, direct sunshine is limited.

Pastor Telfort’s solar panels now produce much less power than they did at their former location. Usual household electrical needs are still present. Cooking, cleaning, and pumping water continue to use up what power is generated by the solar batteries. Much of Pastor’s work can be done from home if he has reliable electric power to keep the computer and phones operating. If the power comes to an end, then work stops.

With this need in mind, we are presenting to you an opportunity to help the work in Haiti by buying a generator for Pastor Daniel for use in his home. He has located one that will supply his needs. The cost to purchase and install is $6,500. If you would like to help the Telfort’s with this, please earmark your donation for the “Generator”.

19% of the Clinic budget was met.

70% of the General Fund Budget was met.

Our prayer is for Jesus Christ to transform lives.

Thank you for being a part of this transforming work in Haiti.

James and Jo Dick              574-534-8325    

Evelyn Dick                         229-291-3480    


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