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March 2023

Haiti...A Place of Hope

One of the most important foundations for children in Haiti is their education, an education that will help them throughout life. As donors, your support of the school students has been phenomenal. In the city, schools have been open and closed sporadically depending upon the conditions on the ground. In the country, schools have been open more consistently. Most of our supported children are found in the city. So this year has been a challenging year for all involved. 

We are so grateful for your sustained support of these learners. Following is a brief update on the student support ministry from 2022. 

While about 168 commitments were made to support students, the funds generated made it possible for 230 students to find hope by attending school. This occurs because of the varying needs of the students. Some students need $250 to attend school. Some need $300. Ten vocational students needed $400 each. A university student needed $800 to continue in school. All our gifts together went much further than any one of our gifts. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

This year there were 205 primary/secondary school students placed in school. Fourteen university students were supported, and 11 students entered vocational training. 

The students came from 9 different churches with 129 being a part of the Vine EB Church. 

Our gifts last year amounted to $69,040. The delivery cost for this portion of our ministry is only about 2%. So, when you give $30 each month, only about .60 cents gets your gift processed and delivered. We praise God for the efficiency and blessing of this ministry. 

Our gratitude goes out to Mrs. Marie A. St Amour, Gislene, Melissa, and Pastor Daniel for all their hard work in not only organizing the support reception day but their attention to detail, the hard work on keeping all the children straight so donors can see their children, the submission of substantial paperwork and most of all for their love of these kids. 

Bless you, Lord, Sponsors, and Staff!

Next month information on our 2023 Student Support Ministry will come out. There are a few changes coming that we hope will expand opportunities and increase options for donors.    

Vine Evangelical Baptist Church Update

Vine Church is pleased to introduce its new Youth Pastor Jonas Dora. He will be working to draw the youth of the church and in the area into the Kingdom of God. Please be in prayer for Jonas as he labors for the Lord. Pray that the Lord would use him mightily to be an influence and example and listening ear to youth in need. It is a difficult time to be in ministry in Haiti, but the Lord continues to make Haiti … a Place of Hope. May these youth find hope as the Lord uses the gifts of Jonas in His service.

Meet our Staff - Part 2!

Laura Terihay Financial Director. Laura and her husband Wally reside in Indiana, PA. Laura is the Executive Assistant to our PA State Senator. Her contacts within the state will be invaluable and she has over 20 years of experience in accounting work with the Salvation Army. Their dog Sadie keeps them moving!

Hilary Ann Golden Media Director. Hilary lives in Baltimore, MD, and is the Ministerial Services Coordinator for the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the UMC. She has a passion for Haiti and has made several mission trips there. Her Master’s degree thesis was “A Lamentation for Haiti,” written just after the 2010 earthquake. (Her dad thinks it is a great piece of writing!!) Two cats – Pippin and Sam Wise - keep her laughing every day!

Church Visits

Very soon letters of introduction and invitation will be going out to churches that have been supporting The Vine Ministry over the years. We are so grateful for that support. If there are other churches you are aware of where we could share our ministry, please let me know.  I would love the opportunity to meet with your church personally, share a message or mission presentation or otherwise update you on the opportunities to be a part of the Lord’s work in Haiti through Vine Ministry and the Vine Church.  

Thank you and God Bless,

Rev Greg Golden, Executive Director     
412-965-5505  |
P.O. Box 1435 Indiana, PA 15701-5435

Evelyn Dick, Founder

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