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October 2023


Today (Oct 2) the United Nations approved deploying a multinational security force to Haiti. Though approved by the UN Security Council, it will not actually be under UN control.

Kenya will lead with 1,000 police officers, along with forces from Antigua & Barbuda, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. The deployment is scheduled for 12 months but a start date has not been determined. 

The greatest determining factor has been the slow but steady takeover by rival gangs in Haiti. Most of the capital of Port-au-Prince is in their control. With that inflation has soared past 50%, leaving almost 5 million food and energy insecure. Around 200,00 have been displaced due to waves of killing, kidnapping, arson and rape. 


Historically, there have been short-term benefits from the deployment of troops in Haiti. Each deployment has come with its own set of issues. The presence of a force can at times keep violence in check. When I first went to Haiti, there were Brazilian troops (tanks/machine guns) all around and it can give a feeling of security, though they were basically not allowed to intervene in any “events.” But their presence did make sure food and medical supplies could safely be distributed, for example. Their presence was to be a deterrent to violence.  

But part of the problem is that there are other long-term problems that accompany these deployments. There always seem to be abuses during these deployments. The 2010 cholera epidemic was traced to UN peacekeeping forces. The viral strain came from outside the country. It is a fascinating and sad history of outside intervention.  

However, some type of intervention is needed since the governance structure of the country is almost non-existent. The President was assassinated, the legislature disbanded, and some see the expired-term Prime Minister as illegitimate. And the world feels it needs to do something. They just don’t always know what to do! 

Where does that leave God’s people right now?    PRAY   PRAY   PRAY.  


September Church Visits

On Sept 17th I had the privilege of sharing a brief update during worship and a full Sunday School Class time at Upper Claar COB in Claysburgh, PA. I am grateful to Pastor Wyland and the excellent lay leadership of the church for all they did. The congregation was very attentive to hearing about Haiti. They have supported Haiti and the Dick’s for many years. They provided a generous love offering for which we are grateful. Praise God!! 

On Sept 24th I had the privilege of sharing during worship at Canaan Church of Gibbon Glade. I am grateful to Pastor Greg and the lay leaders for their hospitality. Their response was favorable to the Word. They are generous long-time supporters of Vine Ministry’s mission. They provided a generous love offering for which we are grateful. Praise God!!

Upcoming Church Visits - The following church visits are confirmed: 

  • October 29 - 9:30 AM Worship - Salamonie COB - Warren, IN
  • November 12 - 10 AM Worship - Anne Ashley Community Church - Munhall, PA

I would love to meet you at one of the above churches or if you would like me to share a gospel sermon or mission presentation at your church, please contact me at 412-965-5505 or

Thank you and God bless,

Rev Greg Golden, Executive Director     
412-965-5505  |
P.O. Box 1435 Indiana, PA 15701-5435

Evelyn Dick, Founder

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