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There are 2 very special birthdays in the month of October. The first one is Evelyn Dick on October 20. She is turning 90 years young. A note or card expressing your birthday wishes for her will surely be a blessing. The second is our founder LeRoy Dick on the 26th. He would have been 99 this year. I am sure he would have been happy to see this work expanding and reaching to so many in these turbulent times of Haiti.

Letter from Pastor Daniel Telfort:

On September 15 I received a letter from Pastor Daniel Telfort requesting prayer for Haiti. Those growing up and living in Haiti have not seen it as unsettling as it is today. Please take time to read his note and take a few minutes to pray for our friends in Haiti.

“I hope you are doing well under the course of God’s grace. I am sending you this short note to let you know that WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS. Unfortunately, my country Haiti is in big turmoil now. I have been locked out for three days because of roads blocked, shutdown everywhere in Port-au-Prince. This past Monday, I went from home to teach at the Seminary. The class is from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. After the class I learned that every corner was blocked. I could go nowhere. People were (and are still) violently protesting because the government has decided to double the gas price. So, I had to stay with the President of the Seminary for three days. He does not live far from the campus. I was able to make it home very early with the help of a motorcyclist. But it was very dangerous. My vehicle is left on the campus of the seminary. At the same time, we have temporarily cancelled all classes for the rest of the week. The Lord has helped us get home: every time I crossed a heavy barricade, they reinforced it. Praise the Lord, I finally make it home. But it seems like things are getting worse every day. The people are very angry against the corrupt government. The Prime Minister, nevertheless, wants to raise the gas price. Everywhere in the country, people are asking the government to resign. Famine, insecurity, kidnapping, and killing are taking place in Port-au-Prince. Many fear it might be a sign of civil war because of all the gangs around. We don’t have access to gas, food, and water. Banks, markets, and all other public services are shut down. The nearby little store who would dare open their doors in your neighborhood double the prices for almost everything. We are locked up in our home. Can’t go anywhere, not even 15 to 20 minutes from home. For if you try, it is a life-threatening adventure. So, please pray for us. WE NEED YOUR PRAYER for the safety of our brothers and sisters, the missionaries, for our church building downtown, the safety of our students and teachers at STEP seminary. Please, pray, pray, and pray. Please, take some time to see the pictures. Those are the very least I can share with you.

May the Lord have mercy on Haiti and the people.”

Daniel Telfort

Former Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White

Former ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White (2012-2015) participated in a hearing session at the American Congress on the situation in Haiti. Her statement confirms what the Haitian people are facing this day. Here is an excerpt of her speech:

"It pains me to say this since I have spent forty years working as a diplomat around the world, but it is time to throw away the gloves and stop pretending that ‘normal” diplomacy will work in Haiti. As everyone knows who cares about the Haitian people, Haiti is a failed state. There is no legitimate government, no judiciary, no parliament, and a weak police force incapable of stopping the gangs that now rule over 60% of the capital. There is no chance of planning elections under the current security crisis.”

Her full article can be found here:

Four Sets of Oxen!

We are happy to announce we have received enough funds to purchase 4 sets of two oxen and a plow and set them up in 4 different communities. These communities are satellite church families of Vine Church. Thank you to those who chose to designate their donations for this project.

General Fund giving was 45% of budget.

Blessing to all,


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