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I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Where does our help come from? Is it around the corner? No, it is here and now. It is very present. No need to worry. The Lord is actively helping us right now. This is the confidence that our brothers and sisters in Haiti are leaning on every day. Associate Pastor Daniel Telfort recently sent me an email and I would like to share some highlights.

Pastor Telfort brings greetings from troublesome Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the name of the Lord.

He and his family have been undergoing major changes in their life. Carrefour, the area they live in has become extremely dangerous with gangs and criminal activity. For them, the best option has been to rent an apartment in Laboule 22, a safer place. Their son Junior now can safely attend school. It is taking a long while to move all their possessions. Between pastoring, teaching at the seminary, Bible translation, caring for the family and moving, it is a long process. The Telforts would like to build a home in a safer neighborhood.

On December 29, one deacon, Charles Francois, some of his family and another young man were kidnapped. Were it not for the Lord’s intervening, they would have all been killed. They were released in 4 hours.

The translation of the Bible project has taken on a new look. They now conduct all meetings with experts in the US over the internet with ZOOM. The book of Jeremiah will soon be finished, then they will start Daniel. The team is 8 books away from completing the Old Testament.

Peterson Joseph and Pastor Daniel

Vine Church has worked very hard to be healthy and safe during this pandemic. This fall they held two services but recently started meeting in one service, keeping everyone socially distanced and wearing a mask. We are very grateful that 19 people have come to know the Lord during this time. Peterson Joseph recently gave his heart to the Lord. He is seen in the photo with Pastor Telfort.

The Vine Church was especially blest over Christmas. Pastor Joel and Marie St Amour were able to share the holidays in Haiti with their family and church family.

Daniel teaches at STEP, the Evangelical Seminary in Port-au-Prince (pictured in the photo above). This beautiful campus has been overrun with gangs since last November. They have been holding classes at Community Church until they resolve this situation. The students finished the fall semester but still cannot go back to their own campus.

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We love you all and cherish your commitment to partner with the Haitians to enhance their spiritual, educational, and physical well-being. We deeply appreciate your continued prayers.

The General Fund for January was met by 60%.


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