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  1. Evelyn,
    I hope you are recovering well after your surgery. I am interested in leading a group from Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren to work with the Vine Ministry in some capacity in the Summer of 2015. I would love to have the opportunity to talk with you further about the possibilities.

    Pastor Bruce Jacobsen,
    Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren
    North Canton Ohio

    1. Pastor Jacobsen, Thanks for calling us today. If you have any questions in the future, please don’t hesitate to call.
      Blessings in His service,
      Jim Dick

  2. Hey Evelyn/Jim,
    I need a “nice ” photo of you/mom for a mission display we are making. I went through all my years of Haiti trip pictures and she did very well avoiding the camera. I do have that one where she is sleeping in the chair. 🙂
    If you have a head shot picture you can email me I would appreciate it.

  3. Evelyn/Vine Ministry –

    I’m doing a fundraiser for The Vine Ministry by selling 4-packs of original photo blank inside cards during the month of December. I’ve had a dozen or so express interest in cards. Only about $25 came out of my pocket to purchase materials to print the pictures and the paper supplies to make the cards, so after receiving $25, the rest of any donations I receive go to Haiti.

    Is there some way I can make donor designations on a single donation encompassing the total profit of card sales to The Vine Ministry? I get the newsletter, and would be using the donations envelope provided to send the total donations. I just want to be able to give credit to each of the folks who makes a donation…and is a receipt provided for each of those people so they know the donation was received and for tax purposes?

    Just wondering. Let me know if this makes no sense!


    – becky

  4. I just ordered Evelyn’s book and so excited to receive and read it. I recently moved back to my home town, Monticello, where LeRoy was pastor of the Pike Creek Church many years ago…in fact he married me and first husband, Michael Hardin back in 1964. My maiden name was Bridge. I believe my younger sister was Jim’s age, too! Have lots of good memories with the youth group there when Russ & Dorthea Jay were leaders and we went to National Youth Conference in 1962. So glad I saw the book mentioned on the Camp Mack FB page.

  5. Good evening Miss Eveyln: My name is Bill Weiss along w/my wife Brenda have been asked to host you, and your family on May 20th thru the 21st. We have been blessed to have purchased a home that was built in 1840 & use to be a stagecoach stop. We moved here in 2010 from Wash/DC and since then have had the privilege of hosting several itinerant ministries when traveling to/ through NE Ohio.. We were especially excited to be asked by Pastor Fred Keener and Joan Parker from the Bristolville Church of the Brethren. When hosting folks that have never been here before we like to asked a few questions..
    Are there any allergens to food, soaps, or detergents??
    As for pet allergy’s to date that has never been an issue to address in that we do not have any pets.. It’s not that we are opposed to pets but as to date the Lord has not directed us to get any, and besides we don’t have time to care for them properly.

    I know it’s only for 1 evening but do you what are your favorite drinks, and snacks.
    Serve both caffeinated and de-cafe for coffee
    All the beds have plenty of blankets and coverings, including pillows but what we’ve learned is we cant compete w/ones FAVORITE Pillow!!! so if you have one of them better bring it!

    Finally again I know it’s only for night but if you need to use any of our laundry facilities your more than welcome.. Washer/Dryer,, Iron, Ironing board, etc
    Again Brenda & I look forward to having you & your family stay w/us. We’ve plenty of beds and it will be a good weekend.

    1. Greetings Bill and Brenda Weiss,

      We are looking forward to staying with you Saturday night. Thanks for asking about our preferences.
      There are no issues except that Jo is slightly lactose intolerant and should not have milk. (Although a little cheese does not seem to be a problem)

      We should arrive in time to freshen up before the Mother/Daughter banquet.

      See you then,

      Jim Dick

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