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Three things to be grateful for in Haiti: School begins, Earthquake relief, and Clinic expansion.

Vine Church reaches out to family members suffering from the earthquake in southern peninsula of Haiti. Students will return to school for 2021-2022 school year.

Haiti's former President remembered amidst confusion and unrest.

Vine Ministry Students need support

COVID19 rages in Haiti as Vine Ministry work continues. Please pray for pastor Telfort.

World Wide Walk for Haiti is happening soon. There is still time to sign up.

Vine Church begins a new church plant and the day to fund the Clinic is June 19.

Glorious things come in small packages. Read how this is true in Haiti.

In times of difficulty, who do you turn to?

There is HOPE for Haiti in 2021

How many ways have you brought HOPE to Haiti?

See how Students in school, Clinic in operation, and #GivingTuesday are all coming together.

Are the kids ready for another exciting and unusual year of school?

Sights Smells Students and Special Thanks

Amid challenge after difficult challenge, Vine Church stands strong to glorify God.

Hear about Student Food distribution Day and the World Wide Walk for Haiti.

Providing quality health care in Haiti is as simple as taking a walk with Vine Ministry. See how.

COVID-19 concern and how far will you walk to keep the Clinic open?

Honoring Lucille Powell.
Yvano Marseille, medical student interview.
Haiti continues to need prayer.
Please let us know when you want us to come and share with your group.

We love to hear from you. I have made it easy by providing a simple two minute survey.

This month we would like to feature a dear woman who has been a support to us since the beginning of Vine Ministry. Nora Garber Richy has a heart for people who aren’t blessed as we are.

Her passion to help those in Haiti was first stirred when she heard from LeRoy and her cousin Evelyn about their ministry calling. She could trust Vine Ministry that what she was told was happening was true.

Thanksgiving may be the most profound holiday we celebrate. On Thanksgiving Day, we remember and celebrate that which has been key to bringing blessing into our lives and those around us. That key is a thankful heart.

Greetings friends from Haiti. We arrived in Port-au-Prince last Wednesday, August 21. Our car was very full since we brought in 4 full suitcases of medical supplies for the Clinic. We must have looked unusual with the back of our car filled to the top with luggage. We were stopped by the local police twice on the way to our hotel. They were pleasant, checked out registration and license, then sent us on our way.

Vine Ministry Newsletter ǀ AUGUST 2019

Pastor Daniel sat down with me and shared why it is so important for kids to be going to school in Haiti. If you are new to sending kids to school in Haiti, this will be very informative.

The deadline for Student Support is August 1st and quickly arriving. Last year we supported 200 students. This year I would like to be able to send 220 students to school. Our graph (on the right) is growing slowly. So far, we have 130 students supported. On August 21 we will be leaving for Haiti. Please sponsor a child before it is too late. We want to be prepared in advance for the kids.

I wanted to tell you about one of our students. His name is Mozart. Since 2004 Mozart has been supported by friends of Vine Ministry. He was in 2nd grade and 9 years old at the time. Not every student begins school at age 6 as we would expect in the States.

Daphly is in her third year of nursing school at University of Notre Dame of Haiti.

MAY 2019

Last year we made an effort to bring change by sponsoring over 200 children to go to school.
Each year a child returns to Vine Church for registration. Learning comes easy to some. To others not so easy. In every case, we are partnering with them for a better future.
Don't let this opportunity go by without giving a small gift that will reap life-long

One of the most common disease encountered at the Haiti Clinic is infection. Recently a patient came to the Clinic and was diagnosed with a lung infection. Quickly, the staff transferred this patient to a specialized center to treat this type of infection. The doctors continue to follow up insuring the patient is continuing with treatment.

Vine Ministry Newsletter ǀ March 2019

Happy New Year to you all as we look to a bright future in Haiti. 2019 is brimming with the possibility of greater impact in this cherished country. In 2018 Haiti has experienced more political turmoil than it has in many years. This could be an opportunity to worry and fear about the future or (and I would lean more toward this “OR”) it is an indication that Haiti is ready for greater break through to becoming the prosperous and elegant island that God has always intended it to be.

From Vine Ministry to you, your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and an exciting New Year, full of promise, blessing and rich abundance. Whether you are young or old, experienced or just starting out may the Peace that passes understanding cover you and live in you this Christmas season and New Year.

Thanksgiving is a time of thoughtful reflection and giving thanks for everything God has done this last year. Looking back over 2018 there are many things for which we are grateful, especially two.

The first being the purchase and installation of an amazing Sonogram machine. Along with this medical equipment was the critical training of the doctors at the Clinic to use this machine in their practice.

Within the last year, a very talented Haitian dentist, Dr. Noel, has established her office at the LeRoy Dick Clinic. Tools and materials are not easy to purchase in Haiti and often Dr. Noel must travel outside the country to keep her dental office supplied. A local retired dentist, Dr. Russell Gilliom, has taken a deep interest in her work. Dr. Gilliom asked her what she needed. He and friends of Blue River Church of the Brethren purchased most of what she asked for. I was able to take these with me to Haiti on my last trip in August.

Another record-breaking year registering students for the school. The first day we processed over 90 children. Myself, Tim (my son), Gislene, and Mirjo all worked together.

I am encouraged seeing the partnership between you and the families of Vine Church changing lives through education.

It was exciting last year as we entered these four children into our program.

It was the first time the Clervil children were supported through the gracious giving of our friends of Vine Ministry. We can’t thank you enough.

I am so excited to be flying to Haiti in a few weeks! The best part of my job is to be the delivery person between you and these wonderful families as you make school possible for their children.

It is with great joy that we honor one of our students. Mozart Santiago is finishing University. Mozart has been supported through Vine Ministry since he was in 2nd grade.

Each August we see the happy faces of the students as they register for school. The students are required to bring their report cards from the previous year as proof of their attendance. The excitement is tangible, and they are proud to continue with their education.

We caught up with one of our graduates, Beulla, when we were in Haiti last August. She is a doctor now serving the people of Haiti. It was good to connect with her and to see how well she is doing. She was supported through medical school by Mr. & Mrs. Steele.

Associate Pastor Telfort will be graduating from Gordon Conwell University with his PhD this coming May. We are very grateful that God has blessed him so much and, through him, the people of Haiti.

Doctors in the Clinic at Vine Church in Haiti are absolutely thrilled to be using the Ultra Sound Machine you have given to them. Once they began training no one missed a day. Connie and Sheila from Sparrow Solutions Group graciously donated the training. Vine Ministry provided the room and board (delicious Haitian food). 15 women volunteered as “patients” the four days of training. Some were expecting babies and some were not.

Thank you for spreading the Gospel in Haiti and helping to create better lives. This last year has been a busy one for Vine Ministry. The Church in Port-au-Prince continues to be a vibrant and growing church. The foundation was laid 25 years ago through the labor of LeRoy and Evelyn Dick and Pastor Joel St Amour.

This last year has been a busy year full of activity and growth. The Board of Directors of Vine Ministry met at our house on November 3rd to look over the last year and consider direction for the coming year. We are happy to have accepted Bonnie Golden as our newest Board Member. We look forward to her insight and wisdom in the coming years.

As the holiday season approaches we are thankful for many things, namely you who have joined with us faithfully through the months and years. Whenever there has been a need such as education for children, a church that needs built, a wall that needs repaired you have always responded with immediate and generous support.

The death of an infant is a tragic event for moms, dads, brothers and sisters. In the US, 6 out of every 1000 births results in a death. In Haiti, this tragedy happens for 48 infants out of every 1000 births. The staff of Clinique Medicale LeRoy Dick (this is the name of the Clinic at Vine Church as it is said in Creole) feel it is of great importance to be able to serve their patients with quality care in a timely manner. A tool for quick and accurate diagnosis and care for moms with child is the ultrasound, giving a clear picture of baby’s position and ongoing development.

Our hearts are blessed. We have seen and spoken to all supported students and their families this week. Almost all the students from last year are continuing this year. 158 students will now be attending school this year. 11 have graduated and did not return. A few have left the country because their family sought work in other areas, and a few students will be attending University. Photos of the students, if you supported a child, will soon be sent to you.