Student Sponsorship Form

Abigail – grade 5
Over 26 years ago, Vine Ministry supporters sent three students to school. Last year you were able to send 155 students. Education in Haiti is not free nor is it public. All children who want to gain an education must pay tuition each year they attend school Each child is required to purchase books, supplies and a uniform.

School in Haiti is desired by these children and they look forward to attending, rarely missing a day in school.

Without help from you, these children will not be able to read, write or better their job opportunity.

The cost to send 1 child to school for a year is $360.

Please Click on the Button below to send $360 in full or in monthly payments of $30.

2 children = $720 or $60/month

3 children = $1080 or $90/month

4 children = $1440 or $120/month


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