APRIL 2017


Please pray with us as we plan and seek God for direction as to the next steps in the growth of the Clinic in Vine Church, Port-au-Prince Haiti. Your financial help is keeping it open three days a week and serving those who request help.  Medical care in Haiti is very different than what citizens in the United States are accustomed to. Following is a short example from the book Life on the Edge of LeRoy and Evelyn Dick’s experience with Haiti’s health care system.

“Very early one morning, our house boy, Gracis Leonel (who today works for our friends the Vervloets) who we had never met. She was obviously in anguish with labored breathing and swollen body. She could barely sit up. Gracis and his sister had brought her by tap-tap up the rough mountain road. After listening for a few minutes, we learned that she was 27, and given birth to a baby boy six weeks earlier, and had been sick for several days. As we prayed for her, we decided to take her to the clinic just down the road. In Haiti ambulance service as we know it is not available. So, even before breakfast, we put her in our car and LeRoy, myself, Gracis, Jesumeine (the sick cousin), and her sister headed down the narrow mountain road to the hospital in the village. The hospital only had one entrance, so LeRoy drove as close to the building as possible. From there, Gracis and Jesumeine’s sister carried her in since a wheelchair was not available. Gracis took care of the admission process. The medical staff admitted Jesumeine and began examining her. Each time they decided she needed something, Gracis came to LeRoy for money. “She needs oxygen…she needs a prescription…she needs an EKG…” In Haiti, nothing gets done until it is paid for up front. The following day, we returned to the hospital to locate the Doctor and learn what was causing Jesumeine’s problem. The Doctor took his time explaining that Jesusmeine had congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and was anemic. She needed two units of blood. The procedure for obtaining blood for her transfusion had begun early that morning when Gracis arrived at the hospital with a cooler full of ice. There a hospital worker took Jesumeine’s blood sample and put it in the cooler. Gracis then had to take the blood, along with four blood donors to the Red Cross. They typed her blood and gave Gracis the transfusion blood to take back to the hospital- after the donors had given their blood. Jesumeine then received her transfusion.”

We are very grateful to God, Jesumeine’s baby, Steeven, has grown up. He is now in school being sponsored through Vine Ministry.

We are so thankful for all of you who gave specifically for the repair of the car $1094. We were in need of a flywheel including the clutch. The estimated cost was $4000. The car being a 2002 and a very limited diesel model, this price is reasonable.  It should soon be ready to go. Thank you.

Support Vine Ministry by shopping online at Smile.Amazon.com. Indicate Vine Ministry Inc. as your charity. Congratulations go to those have signed up on Amazon to support Vine Ministry. We recently received a check from Amazon going directly to Vine Ministry. Every bit helps to further benefit those in need in Haiti.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support to help Vine Church in Haiti and their outreach.

James Dick                         574-534-8325            Jimandjo.geo@yahoo.com

Evelyn Dick                       229-291-3480             Haitibabemema1@aol.com

Evelyn’s book, Life on the Edge, “34 Years of Ministry in Haiti”, may be ordered by sending $15.00 plus $3.00 to Vine Ministry, PO Box 967, Goshen, IN.  46527

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