And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.       Philippians 4:19

This morning as I was reading in Philippians this verse brought to my mind something that occurred in Haiti many years ago.  I was reminded once again that God does not always supply our needs in monetary ways.

It was 1980 when LeRoy and I went to Haiti with Christian World Outreach for a two week camp for 100 Haitian youth. There were also 26 from the U.S.  LeRoy was teaching and I was asked to be in charge of cooking with two Haitian helpers.  Before I agreed to do this I asked what was available to cook on.  I was told there is a gas stove.  (At this point we had not yet moved to Haiti so I knew no Creole and the Haitian helpers knew very little English!)

YES! There was a gas stove, however, the first night we arrived at the camp and tried to light the stove it blew up. One helper was burned but not seriously.  Now the alternative was to cook over a charcoal fire.  So for two weeks we did our best to cook over charcoal for 126 people.  At home I cooked for 6 people and sometimes for added guests but never in my life had I cooked for 126 even on a regular stove.  I got up at 4:00 A.M. to get the fire going in order to get the water boiling in the big iron pot to have instant oatmeal ready by 7:00 A.M.  I confess that meals were not always ready on schedule.

An even bigger challenge came when four days before the end of camp we would run out of charcoal after cooking dinner that evening. I took one of my helpers with me to the nearest town to the market to buy more charcoal, however, there was none in the market.  We drove around the town looking for some since sometimes individuals would set a bag by the road to sell.  THERE WAS NONE AVAILABLE!  Now what do I do?

We returned to camp and that night and at dinner I told everyone our situation and that we needed to pray for charcoal!  So we all prayed believing that somehow the Lord would provide.  The next morning when I woke up I saw a huge truck by the gate of the camp.  As I walked toward it to see what it was……….You guessed it!  It was a truck which had broken down by the gate with a whole load of charcoal.  Well, there was rejoicing in the camp that day!!  I bought enough charcoal to last for four more days!!

(P.S.  The campers returned home at noon on a Saturday.  When the camp leader announced that all of us were going to a restaurant for dinner that night I know for certain that I was the happiest camper in the group.)

There have been numerous times over the 26 years we were in pastoral ministry and the 34+ years in Haiti we have seen God supplying our needs.  Many times He has supplied through you, our supporters, not only monetarily, which is obviously a great need, but also by sending volunteers to take charge of the stateside office, sending work teams to build the new building, friends to paint a mural for the baptistery, giving of sound equipment, generators, food, vitamins, coming to Haiti to encourage us, praying for us and missionary and business people who helped us in many ways.

I am so thankful to each one of you who are a part of “our team”!! 

I was talking with Pastor Joel today.  He returned from Haiti after being there recently for two weeks.  On New Year’s Eve there is all night church at which he preached and he also preached the following Sunday morning.  During these 2 services 10 people accepted the Lord.  On Sunday morning they had to bring chairs from the downstairs to seat all the people.  The church seats 1000 so there were over 1000 in attendance that day.  Vine Church continues to grow!!  It is so exciting!  There is no space to add any building.  The next step will be to add a second service beginning at 6:00 A.M.

Again….Thank you and God Bless You for being a part of our team!


Remember to order you copy of Evelyn’s book, “Life on the Edge”, 34 years in Haiti!  How? Send a check to Vine Ministry for a suggested contribution of $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping or go to our website, vineministry.org and order via PayPal.

Evelyn’s phone   574-534-8325   cell 229-291-3480    email: haitibabemema1@aol.com


Dear Friends and Partners,


We are entering the New Year with a great deal of thanksgiving for the past year and great anticipation for this New Year!

As we reflect on some high lights of 2015 we are grateful to the Lord for His continued blessing on this ministry!

We thank Him for the 63 persons who accepted Him as their Savior. Vine Church is indeed a light in the city of Port-au-Prince!

The LeRoy Dick Clinic was opened! It is now serving the church and the community!

Marie Saint Amour was put on a list for a heart transplant!

145 children are supported in elementary and secondary school and 6 in University!

In April the team from West Goshen Church of the Brethren visited the ministries of Vine Ministry and the Church of the Brethren compound.  This church has taken on the project of providing a well for the COB compound.  Also, as a result of this visit 8 children have been sponsored in school.

AS we look ahead in anticipation to what the New Year will bring:  At the Vine Ministry Board meeting in November the Board approved the assuming of leadership of Vine Ministry by my son, James and wife Jo Ellen beginning in the summer of 2016.  This will relieve me of many of my responsibilities, however, this does not mean that I will no longer be involved.  I still plan to go to Haiti and travel some stateside for the ministry.

Evelyn and Janet

For years people would tell LeRoy he should write a book.  He was busy working and it never happened.  About a year ago, my friend, Janet Elliot, said to me, “You should write a book.”  I told her, “I am not a writer.”  So she said, “I will write it for you.”   We set to work, and I mean “work”, especially for Janet and also for Wes Richard who did proof reading.  The good news is that the book has been printed, so my kitchen is now a “shipping and handling place”. If you would like to purchase this book, “Life On the Edge” Thirty four years of Ministry in Haiti, you may do so by sending your request along with a check payable to Vine Ministry for a suggested donation of $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.  All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Vine Ministry.  You may also go to our website, vineministry.org and order via PayPal.  Suggested donation remains the same.

I have had a book signing at West Goshen Church of the Brethren and Better World Books in Goshen and one scheduled at Greencroft Retirement Home in Goshen on January 15.  I also have an invitation for a signing at Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti the next time I am in Haiti.

Thank you all so very much for the many Christmas greetings and gifts to me during this Christmas season.

Thank you all for your giving to Vine Ministry the month of December.  You have truly blessed the ministry.  Giving has gone over our budget in December.  This will help to make up some of the deficit of other months.


Evelyn Dick

November contributions:  General fund:  90 %

Evelyn’s phone: 574-534-8325      cell:  229-291-3480

December 2015


Christmas is a season of warmth and celebration to recall happy memories. The airwaves are filled with memorable music of Christmas. “Peace on Earth, good will toward men!”
There are myriads of personal touches and traditions to make this a most special time of the year; a time to reflect on the wonderful, miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. But, ironically, this joyous season has become a time of stress dread for many; alienation, depression, fatigue, concern of the many happenings in the world, the threat of war. And yet, these feelings of aloneness and despair are what Christmas is all about. Jesus Christ came to earth to identify himself with fallen humanity. The celebration of Christmas flows out of divine consolation. GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS SON TO SHARE OUR PAIN……TO GIVE US HOPE. AND ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM SHALL HAVE ETERNAL LIFE!!

Vine Church News:
Pastor Daniel reports that 21 children accepted the Lord during their VBS! The Children’s Department keeps growing. Many of our church members bring children of unsaved parents living in their neighborhoods to our Sunday Worship service for children. The Choir Sichem, has celebrated 14 years of singing ministry. They gave a concert recently in Mirebalais. Our Brass Band is coming along! We have more than 12 people learning to play the various instruments. Thanks to Pastor Greg Golden and some of his church members who graciously gave those instruments for the Band. The Men’s Choir is also doing well. During recent months there have been 24 people who have given their lives to Christ. We were thrilled to witness once more it is not our preaching that saves but the power of God’s Grace through our imperfect preaching. May the name of the Lord be Praised.
The book I have written of our experiences in Haiti is now at the printers. The title is, “LIFE ON THE EDGE”. It is expected to be available by mid-December. Cost plus shipping and handling will be available soon.
I traveled to Dallas to be with our daughter Amy, her fiancé, Doug and my granddaughter Tori for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Please pray for: Haiti! Since the results of the October 25 elections there have been protests and demonstrations on an almost daily basis. This means road blocks, burning tires, rock throwing and gun fire. The runoff of the 2 remaining candidates is to take place on December 27. This may possibly cause more violence.

Pastor Daniel’s request: Please, pray FOR OUR FAMILY. Anne and I are praying that the Lord would help us to raise our family in this difficult country. Hadassa, our daughter, has not made much progress. We still look to the Lord for help. Junior is doing quite well.

The Vine Ministry Board met on November 3 in Albany, GA. Two new members were added to the Board, Janet Elliot and Pastor Greg Golden. The Board also gave official approval for James and Jo Ellen Dick to take the leadership role of Vine Ministry this next Spring. The entire Board and their spouses had dinner at Black Beard’s in honor of Sandy Westmoreland who volunteered in the Vine Ministry office for 11 years.

May the joy and peace of this wonderful Christmas season bring special blessings to you and your family. We pray the Love of God, and the fellowship of His Holy Spirit will Bind and Bless your hearts together and make this holiday season one to be remembered!


General Fund: October – 65% of budget.
Evelyn’s cell: 229-291-3480 House phone: 574-534-832
Evelyn’s email: haitibabemema1@aol.com

Website: vineministry.org



As our days of student registration were coming to a close I received notes of gratitude and thanks for all that we are doing.  I want to pass three of these on to you. It is YOU who are making this support possible.

  1. Madame Pastor, (this is how they address me), I greet you in the Name of Jesus and thank you because you support (3 students are named) in school.
  2. I am sending this because you are helping me, I am also thanking God because He caused you to think of me. Thanks to you I can go to school and I am praying God will keep you in good health and also give you courage for you to continue so that the children can prepare themselves with a good education.
  3. Good Evening Madame Pastor, I greet you in Jesus’ Name to thank you because you support (name of 1 student). I pray God protect you always and keep you well.

One day this September I received a phone call from Lonnie Murphy who now teaches kindergarten in Florida.  Lonnie is the person who asked LeRoy many years ago to come to her kindergarten class at Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti and tell her students the story of Johnny Appleseed.  She has continued telling her class this story every year and refers to LeRoy.  Lonnie asked permission to make a phone call to me from her classroom to Mrs. Johnny Appleseed so that her class could say hello and ask me several questions.  What a blessing this was for me!

I am still in the process of matching student’s pictures with supporters as much as possible.  Some graduate or leave the program for one reason or another so I will assign you a new student.

I will be out of the office beginning November 1 through November 10.  I am travelling to Albany, Georgia to have a Vine Ministry Board Meeting and also will visit my friends while there.  I will be sharing at Life Gate Church Sunday morning, November 8.

Dr. Mirhioll informs me that the Lab in the clinic is now equipped and is functioning. Slowly but surely it is moving ahead. Praise the Lord. We are now serving the Vine Church and the community!!

Would you please pray and consider making a contribution to the General Fund?  Without general funds for administration, travel, office supplies, fees etc. the ministry cannot function.  We do not retain any percentage from your designated gifts for general fund.  We are so grateful for all your prayers and giving.

From all of us in Vine Ministry, we wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!



We have received a contribution from Sam Jones in memory of Helen Jones and from the Judy and Tucker Maxwell Fund of Franklin County Foundation, a regional foundation of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Maxwell, Jr.


Evelyn’s cell:  229-291-3480                  Home phone: 574-5348325

Evelyn’s email:  haitibabemema1@aol.com

website:  vineministry.org

General Fund:  September – 67% of Budget

OCTOBER   2015


The previous six weeks have been exciting times.  In August I drove to Wisconsin to be with my daughter Mary for one and one half weeks.  I returned to Goshen for a few days and then boarded the plane to Haiti. It was time to enroll the sponsored students in school!!


On Monday Els Vervloet and I went to the designated place of delivery.  Pastor Daniel was there as we had planned. We do not go to the bank to exchange the U. S. dollars into Haitian gourdes due to the fact that folks (especially expatriates) exiting the bank are sometimes shot and robbed, therefore we exchange the money with an organization who does this and they will deliver it for a fee.  The instructions were that the money would be delivered at 10:00 A.M.  We waited, 11:00 A.M, 12:00 P.M. Still they did not arrive.  Daniel called several times and was told it was being prepared. 1:00 P.M. Daniel and I decided to go to the place of exchange to find out what was the problem. There we were told, finally, that Daniel had to send an email and asked for the funds to be released.  As soon as we got to the car Daniel sent the email.  By 3:00 P.M. the money was delivered.  Whew!!

On Tuesday enrollment began and my good friend Els Vervloet, Gislene Fils, Mirhioll St. Amour Jeremy and Mirjo St. Amour Hypollite were there to help. I wish YOU could have been there! We went to the church each day that week.

By Friday we had supported 145 in Elementary or High School and 6 in higher education.  Vine Ministry is graduating students. We feel that helping some of those who qualify for University, etc. will enable them to find better employment.  Only those with the best grades are chosen.  They are also required by the University to take an entrance test to qualify for entrance. This year some of you are helping one in medical school, one in engineering school, one in education, one in computer and two in secretary school.  I also received 3 thank you notes from students.  Hopefully at some point I will have space to share those with you.


Next week I plan to develop the student pictures and begin sending them to supporters.  Please be patient with me while I get them assigned and mailed to you.


“Today`s investment in education gives to build the societies of tomorrow.  By giving each child the means to effectively start in life, we invest, not only in their future but in the future for us all.”


On Saturday prior to enrollment I went to Vine Church to see the VBS taking place.  There were approximately 300 children there, many from the neighborhood, singing, listening to Bible Stories and having a great time. Can you imagine having 300 children in Bible School!


The following week, I went to the clinic to check on how it was going.  I was pleased to see a group of patients waiting and others being examined. Dr. Mirhioll, who is a General Medicine Doctor was on duty that day.  For the time being the clinic is open 3 days a week. I was pleased with what I saw. We are still in need of several pieces of equipment.  The refrigerator is stocked with various vaccines to give shots.


Friday night and Saturday I attended the Northern Indiana District Conference at Camp Mack as one of the delegates for West Goshen Church of the Brethren.   I think I need some rest!

Thank you all for your wonderful support and prayers.  God Bless You,

It happened that Rev. Greg Golden and Larry Buterbaugh from Indiana, PA were in Haiti for several days while I was there.  Rev. Greg preached the morning message at Vine Church.  That morning 6 people accepted the Lord as their Savior.  What a time of rejoicing!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  This is your ministry.  The rest of us just get to go there sometimes.

Evelyn Dick

Evelyn’s cell phone:  229-291-3480

House phone:  574-534-8325

Email:   haitibabemema1@aol.com

Website: vineministry.org

Contributions to General Fund:  August – 51% of budget



This is Jo Ellen.  In case you didn’t read the last newsletter, I am Jim’s wife.  I am writing the newsletter again because this time Evelyn is in Haiti registering the children for school.

As I write this letter the song, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” comes to mind….” Red, brown, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight.  Jesus loves the little children of the world.”  In Mark 10 verses 13-16 the Bible tells us just how important the children are to Jesus.

Teach Your Children Well


The painting, “Teach Your Children Well”, is used by permission of my good friend Cindy Watson. artbycindywatson.com

Recently, Pastor Daniel Telfort relayed a story about the children in Vine Church.  “The occasion was the Children’s International Day.  Sister Merzula and her other helpers prepared the children.  The children’s department was in charge of the whole service.  They did almost everything:  Songs, prayer, announcement, offering, and sermon.  We were glad to hear great testimonies from kids invited from an orphanage run by good Haitian Christians.  One of the kids from that orphanage, Johnny Marc, left Gonaives, his hometown while his mother sent him to buy some bread in the neighborhood.  He became a tramp on the streets of Port-au-Prince, violent until he was received at the orphanage.  Now he is a convinced Christian young man, going to school and is sharing the Gospel with his old friends who are still on streets.  Praise the Lord!”

Some of you may be sending your children off to school on the day you receive this newsletter.  Others of you, like myself, may have grandchildren that are starting school this year.  I would like to close this newsletter with some scripture blessings for the children of Haiti and for all the children in each of our lives that our dear to the Father’s heart.

Isaiah 54:13 declares that all our children will be taught of the Lord; and great will be their peace.  Psalm 91 tells us that God will command his angels to protect and strengthen us and our children.  May their minds be filled with dreams for a bright future and may the purposes and plans that God has for them be fulfilled in their lives.

Evelyn added this before she left:  “Vine Ministry, the parents of the supported students, and the children are truly grateful that you are making it possible for them to attend school this year.  You will be supporting 148 children who otherwise would not be able to go to school.”



Jo Ellen Dick


Contributions for June: General Fund:  69% of Budget

Evelyn’s house phone:  574-534-8325

Cell:   229-291-3480

Email:  haitibabemema1@aol.com              website: vineministry.org


August 2015


My name is Jo Ellen Dick and I am Evelyn’s daughter-in-law.  I will be writing this month’s newsletter to give her a little break.  In case you are not aware, Evelyn and Janet Elliot have been busy writing a book entitled Living on the Edge.  It is about Evelyn’s memoirs of life as a missionary in Haiti.  We will keep you updated on when the book is to be released.

Speaking of memoirs, recently I heard that Haiti was playing soccer in the World Cup and it reminded me of a hair-raising story LeRoy and Evelyn once shared with us.  They were in Haiti in 1980 for a two week youth camp.  They decided to take the leadership group to a soccer game.

It started to rain so they decided to leave early.  Bad idea!  Here is Evelyn’s version of what happened that night.  “As we neared the bottom of the bleachers, Haiti scored the winning point.  The crowd went wild and we were afraid we would be trampled!”

“We jumped down onto the edge of the playing field to go to the parking area.  However, at some point we had to get back up to the spectator level.  At that point, a Haitian man reached down to pull me up.  He then reached for LeRoy’s hand, but about halfway up he decided to let go.  Instead LeRoy hung onto him.  He said that if he was going to fall then he was going to take the Haitian with him.”

“We finally got our group of 26 people to the parking lot and into the vehicles.  However, they were not allowed to leave because the president, ‘Baby Doc’ was there.  No one was allowed to leave before the President!”  They were soaked and cold after eating at an air-conditioned restaurant, but thankfully everyone was safe.  What an experience!

From those first experiences in Haiti came the vision for Vine Church.  Recently, Pastor Daniel Telfort sent us an update on how Vine Church is doing.  In it he wrote:  “By God’s grace, we can say that Vine Church is a growing and striving church.  Many people are coming to the Lord.  And many others are asking to join through affiliation.  We are so glad, the reason they give is that they realize the Vine Church stands for the Bible.  We could not receive from men a better testimony than that.  We praise the Lord for what the Vine Church stands for in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.”

This month, Evelyn will make yet another trip to Haiti to register children for school.  If you would like to support a child please do so immediately. Let Evelyn know by email, letter or phone. You may go to vineministry.org and print the form if you like.

Student 2 001

Thank you all so much for your contributions to Vine Ministry.  Please keep in mind that the General Fund keeps all aspects of the ministry functioning.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13


Jo Ellen Dick



Evelyn Dick

Contributions for June: General Fund:  70% of Budget

Evelyn’s house phone:  574-534-8325                                           Cell:   229-291-3480


Email:  haitibabemema1@aol.com                                                website:   vineministry.org

JULY     2015

“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

About 15 years ago LeRoy and I climbed a hill on a mountain along with David Sollenberger (he was producing a documentary video for Vine Ministry). We reached the home of Enoch, age 6, to interview his parents in order to determine if we should send Enoch to school. He was sponsored that year and began his first year in school.  Several years ago he graduated the equivalent of High School. He stopped by to say Thank you for sending him to school. He has now spent a year in Canada serving in a Social Work capacity with a Mennonite group. His year of service is complete this summer. He has contacted Vine Ministry asking to be sponsored in University in Haiti. When I go to Haiti this fall, he will bring his grades from his last school and the cost for the University he would like to attend. At that time we will make a decision.

We are so proud of Enoch’s diligence and determination to further his education. This is what is hoped for in each child who is sponsored.

Student Sponsorship was not a part of the plan for Vine Ministry.  The first year Vine Ministry sponsored students in school was 1994.  This came about when Pastor Joel approached us about sponsoring 3 children in one family.  Their father had deserted the family and the mother had no means of sending her girls to school.  After praying we decided Vine Ministry would put them in school.  We shared this in a newsletter although we did not ask for sponsors but soon there were 3 sponsors contacted us with their desire to help. Ever since that year the sponsored number has increased a bit.

To date we have 54 students sponsored.  We thank all of you who have already responded. These students would not be able to attend school if they do not receive support. Last year we were able to send 150 students to school. Of these, 2 were in Medical School, 1 in Secretarial School, 1 in Engineering School.

If you would like to sponsor a child, children or university student but do not have a sponsorship form you may call me at 229-291-3480 or email me: haitibabemema1@aol.com.  The deadline for letting us know is July 30. (A form can be found on our website. Click on Student Sponsorship Form on the top Menu)

We are happy to give you the good news that Marie Saint Amour has been placed on a heart transplant list.  Please continue to pray for her and her family as they wait for a suitable heart to be available. She is currently in Grand Rapids, MI. awaiting the transplant. The cost for this is now covered.

Vine Church is having its annual conference the week of July 28 to July 5. This is always a time of great celebration.  July 5 1992 marks the first time the cell groups met together for worship. There will be preaching and fellowship each evening.

I will be in North Carolina from June 17 until June 30.  During this time the Dick family will be having a reunion there.  I always anticipate the times when our family can get together even though the time is much too short.  How I wish we all lived in the same town!  June 23 will be one year since I had heart surgery replacing the aortic valve.  I thank the Lord for the progress He has enabled me to make although I do not have the energy I once had.  The Doctors try to tell me “it is age related”.  Somehow, I wonder about this.  😉

I am so very grateful for your faithful prayers and support for Vine Ministry.  Without all of you standing with us this ministry would not be possible.  May God Bless You Richly…far above what you can ask or think!!


Evelyn Dick


Contributions for June: General Fund:  66% of Budget

Evelyn’s house phone:  574-534-8325           Cell:   229-291-3480

Email:  haitibabemema1@aol.com                                                website:vineministry.org

JUNE     2015


WE ARE EXCITED that the Clinic in Vine Church is now open 3 days a week.  Dr. Mirhioll St. Amour Jeremy is the overseer and doing a great job.  Each day they are open there is always a Doctor.  There is either a pediatrician, an OBGYN, Internal medicine or General medicine to see patients.   We are currently in the process of equipping the clinic with a laboratory.   We are praying that this clinic will be a great asset to Vine Church and the local community!


Dr. Mirhioll St. Amour Jeremy

Following are the thoughts shared by Kim Stutsman who was one of the group who went to Haiti with me in April:

“Our trip to Haiti began on April 2, as we left the South Bend airport.  After a rather adventurous “layover” in Atlanta, we flew into Port-au-Prince.  We had dinner and settled in at our guest house, and hit the ground running the next day.  Evelyn made sure we saw things of great natural beauty, and also things of not so great natural beauty.  We spent time at a beach, time in the mountains, and time in the city itself.  One of the highlights of our trip was our Easter Sunday visit with the congregation at The Vine Church.  We were greeted warmly by Pastor Joel and Pastor Daniel, and were delighted to hear a song by the children’s Sunday school before the church service.  The Praise Team, the Adult Choir and the service itself was very meaningful – it will be an Easter I don’t soon forget.  The congregation seems to be very vital and strong, and we were able to visit the new Medical Clinic at the church on the Wednesday morning we left.  The church seems to be a beacon of light in its neighborhood – and I can tell that good things are happening there.

We enjoyed our trip to the Church of the Brethren Compound in Croix de Bouquet, and meeting with the Alphonse family who are serving there.  We visited several homes that were built by the COB for earthquake survivors, and also saw a work team from Georgia building a new church facility on site.

We also enjoyed visits to the Maxima Woodworking Factory and the Papillon Enterprises facility in Port-au-Prince.  Both seemed to be wonderful places for Haitians to learn new skills that enable them to earn a living and support their families.  I was glad we were able to see “good things happening.” Thanks to Evelyn for being such a great hostess and tour guide, the week seemed to fly by.  Each evening we had time to pause and reflect, and quietly share thoughts of what we had seen and heard that day; and always ended with a group prayer for Haiti and it’s people and our families back home.   Kim Stutsman.

This school year is almost over and it is time to be planning for the 2015-2016 school year.  Those of you who are supporting this year have already received the form to fill out regarding next year.  Perhaps there are those who have not previously supported a child would like to be a part of this very worthy program this year.  If so, you may contact me, Evelyn, by phone or letter to let me know.  To those of you who have already responded, THANK YOU.   Our deadline to know how many students Vine Ministry can support this year is JULY 30.

The need for funds for the General Fund also continue on each month.  Without your prayers and giving we would not be able to function.  Our heartfelt thanks for each and every gift to Vine Ministry!

May God Bless you abundantly is our prayer!

Evelyn Dick

In May we received a gift from Jessie Gordon in memory of her grandparents, Raymond and Freda Gordon and Delmont and Dorothy Moses


May  Contribution: General Fund:  90 % of budget

Evelyn’s house phone:  574-534-8325                        cell:  229-291-3480


Email: haitibabemema1@aol.com                                 website:  vineministry.org

MAY   2015

“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.”     James 1:12.

May 11 marks the day when LeRoy left us for his heavenly home!  It is now 10 years since he is gone. He lives in our hearts and our memory till that day when we will meet again.  I know some of you remember me telling how he was invited for many years to the Kindergarten Class at Quisqueya Christian School to tell the story of Johnny Appleseed. The children loved the story and they loved LeRoy.  Those of you who knew LeRoy know what a great story teller he was.

Johnny Apple Seed (2)

On the morning of April 2 Janet Elliot, Kim Stutsman, Pastor Norm and Melissa Replogle and I left South Bend to fly to Port-au-Prince! Our plane was late leaving South Bend, therefore we did not know whether we would be able to make our connection in Atlanta.  We were scheduled for 58 minutes but had much less time.  So…we had a plan!!  Janet was toward the front of the plane- then Kim, then Pastor and Melissa and I was behind them. As each one got off they ran for the gate which was in another terminal. I had ordered a wheel chair because I cannot walk as fast as I once could.  We decided Pastor Norm would push me in the wheelchair. I know we were quite a sight since he was running and pushing me in the wheelchair!  The person checking everyone in told Melissa we had 1 minute or the gate would be closed.  So she was calling to us, “You have one minute!”  WE ALL MADE IT!!

Janet wrote a short reflection on our recent trip. I think you will enjoy it.


I want to thank you for being a wonderful driver and guide for our week in Haiti. Because of your familiarity with the country, we were able to see many sights and places.

One of the highlights of the trip was Easter service at The Vine Evangelical Baptist Church in Port-au-Prince. The music was amazing, the sermon delivered by Pastor Norm (and interpreted by Pastor Joel) was inspirational, and the joy of worshipping together with Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ made it an Easter I will never forget! Our shared faith makes us one in the Lord!

I also appreciated seeing the LeRoy Dick medical clinic that has just opened. How exciting to be able to reach out to those in need of medical services. This is a wonderful addition to the church and we pray God’s blessing on this ministry and those providing it.

Thank you for taking us to Croix de Bouquet to see the Church of the Brethren ministry there. We learned about the good things that are happening there and how our church might help with future needs.

Meeting Gracis’ ten-year-old nephew and having the opportunity to sponsor him for his first year in school next fall is such a blessing. I know God has special plans for this young man, and we’re thankful you made it possible through the Vine Ministry sponsorship program.

Haiti truly is a country of contrasts. The pristine beauty of the ocean at Wahoo Bay, the terraced mountainsides that look like a patchwork quilt from a distance, the colorful houses stacked against the hillsides, all were amazing. In stark contrast, the reality of the living conditions and needs of the millions of people living there was difficult to see.

I learned that our brothers and sisters in Haiti need education, medical care, and skilled job training along with the good news of Christ. Their physical needs must too be met along with their spiritual needs. You and your supporters have done so much to help these people. Thank you for all the years you and LeRoy have given to the Vine Ministry. You will stand before our Maker one day and you will hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

In Christ’s Love,


Thank you all for making this trip possible. Your continued prayers for Vine Church and God’s work in Haiti are needed and appreciated.

Evelyn Dick

Contribution: General Fund 79% of Budget.

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