MARCH 2017

There have been difficult times at Vine Church. A young mother, age 36 died this last month. She was a Medical Doctor, and left behind a daughter and husband. The husband is second in charge of the choirs at Vine Church. She probably died of cancer. As you know, the medical care in Haiti is not as advanced as in the US and other countries.

As I pray for this family I consider the Clinic project we have started here. Although it is small, it stands to have great impact on the church and the surrounding community. Step by step it will grow to fill the need for quality care in Port-au-Prince. Your support of this project makes it possible to continue to upgrade our clinic. As part of upgrading we are continuing to search for and purchase quality medical equipment.

We are very grateful to the groups and individuals who have helped with the cost of repairing our car in Haiti. Parts can now be purchased and the clutch/flywheel repaired. Good reliable transportation is very important in Haiti. This car has served us over the last 13 years and still has good miles left in it.

Evelyn’s knee replacement surgery has been delayed until April 3rd. The delay was due to surgeon’s schedule and not for any other reason. Mom goes to the gym several times a week to strengthen her knees prior to this surgery. Please pray for good health and a successful replacement.

This spring we are limited to the amount of traveling we can do. Usually we are able to make it to churches out East. Due to Evelyn’s knee recovery we will not make any long trips. BUT, if you are within a day’s travel of Goshen Indiana we are able to make the trip.

March, May, June and July are all possible times we can visit your church or group. Give me a call, 574-534-8325, and we can discuss the details.


Resting in His love,


James Dick                         574-534-8325  


Evelyn Dick                       229-291-3480  



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