2020 Calendars are now available!

2020 Calendars are here! As last year came to an end, we worked quickly to get calendars ready for 2020. We wanted something that will showcase the amazing beauty of Haiti as well as immerse you into the realities of life here. Haiti has had some very difficult times over the last 6 months, but it is so good to remember beauty that surrounds Haiti every day. The countryside, nature, the people and daily activities. We have so many pictures from our trips to Haiti and were able to find some that you will enjoy and want to keep before you this next year.

They are available now. They are usually mailed the following day.

The profits are going to benefit the overall expenses of Vine Ministry as we continue to minister in Port-au-Prince, Haiti... sending children to school, funding the clinic, supporting Pastor Daniel Telfort and other needs as they arise.

2020 Calendar

2020 Calendar. Each month features a beautiful photo of this wonderful country.

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