Our mission is to work together with the Haitian people helping them help themselves by providing student sponsorship in school, food for the hungry, medical care for the sick and preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ. Learn more and get involved.

Doctors in the Clinic at Vine Church in Haiti are absolutely thrilled to be using the Ultra Sound Machine you have given to them. Once they began training no one missed a day. Connie and Sheila from Sparrow Solutions Group graciously donated the training. Vine Ministry provided the room and board (delicious Haitian food). 15 women volunteered as “patients” the four days of training. Some were expecting babies and some were not.

Thank you for spreading the Gospel in Haiti and helping to create better lives. This last year has been a busy one for Vine Ministry. The Church in Port-au-Prince continues to be a vibrant and growing church. The foundation was laid 25 years ago through the labor of LeRoy and Evelyn Dick and Pastor Joel St Amour.

This last year has been a busy year full of activity and growth. The Board of Directors of Vine Ministry met at our house on November 3rd to look over the last year and consider direction for the coming year. We are happy to have accepted Bonnie Golden as our newest Board Member. We look forward to her insight and wisdom in the coming years.

As the holiday season approaches we are thankful for many things, namely you who have joined with us faithfully through the months and years. Whenever there has been a need such as education for children, a church that needs built, a wall that needs repaired you have always responded with immediate and generous support.

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