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In 1989 LeRoy and Evelyn Dick were given a vision of ministry to the spiritual and physical needs of the Haitian people. Because of this vision the co-founded Vine Ministry, Inc.

The Dicks served as pastors in the Church of the Brethren for 26 years prior to answering a call to move to Haiti in September 1981. The first three years of their ministry were as Literacy Coordinators.


Literacy Seminar in Milot
Following this they very successfully established a four year Bible School known as Hope Academy. Both of these are still in operation under national leadership.

Vine Ministry is a model mission which we trust will be expanded to other locations as the Lord gives guidance.

Vine Ministry is governed by a Board of Directors and is a non-profit organization 501 (c) 3) recognized by IRS.

In September 1989 LeRoy and Evelyn along with Pastor Joel Saint Amour began Vine Evangelical Baptist Church meeting under a grove of banana trees with about 12 people.  As they grew, they met as cell groups (home groups).

As the groups grew, they expressed a desire to come together for celebration, praise and worship as well as teaching and preaching. In 1992 Vine Evangelical Baptist Church rented a store front in Port-au-Prince.


Vine Evangelical Baptist Church
Vine Evangelical Baptist Church

As the church grew to over 200, through the next 12 years, a new location was needed. In 2004 property was purchased and construction began. The ground level was completed. In 2006 the church began meeting in the ground level while the sanctuary was being constructed above.

In 2005 LeRoy passed to his eternal home.

In July 2011 the new building was dedicated after withstanding the 2010 earthquake with 800 in attendance. A central chior of about 60 members, a youth chior of about 25, a men’s chior, women’s choir,  and woship team of 12.

The children’s department meets on the ground floor with an average 100 in attendance.



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